xinit: can't find ""

xinit: can't find ""

Post by Jason Van Patt » Sat, 14 Jan 1995 20:38:14

: HI,
: I installed Yggdrasil (fall 94) on my machine, everything worked fine until
: I tried to unmount the CD-ROM.
: I couldn't start my X, the message was "can't find"
: I tried to put the search path to that directory, but still coludn't start, I
: also check the "etc/" and change the directory to /usr/X11R6/lib
: but still receive the same error ;-( should be in /lib, and with most distributions that I've
seen (including Yggdrasil) it's a logical link back to
/usr/X386/lib/ or something like that.

        Check and make sure that /usr/X386/lib/ exists, and that
it's not a logical link back to the CD.  I remember having a bit of trouble
with the Yggdrasil install (This was Summer '94) and the libraries weren't
all installed off the CD.  That might be your ticket.


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Well, I seem to be having a problem with XWindows here.. For whatever reason,
the vast majority of programs I attempt to run under Xwindows give me an
error message of some sort; always it's because it can't find or load some
library file..

First off, I'll give a description of what I'm running (briefly):

kernel 2.0.21
Xfree86 3.1.2
fvwm95 2.0.42a

Now, whenever I try and run any program - "xterm", "color_xterm", "xedit",
"xv", etc.. (files which ARE there, btw), I get either:

xv: can't find library ''
xtetris: can't find library ''
xterm: can't load library ''

Now, the problem here is that those library files actually ARE there, and
ldconfig seems to be able to find them - I've done ldconfig -v, and all of
those files come up in there..

check the newsgroups all that often...

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