Xfce setting as default WM?

Xfce setting as default WM?

Post by Pau » Mon, 20 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I`ve installed xfce, which i like but can`t get it to run except from
failsafe (from xterm)
How can i set it as default, i.e at the mandrake login prompt??

Xfce setting as default WM?

Post by Chris Toole » Wed, 22 Sep 1999 04:00:00

if you type xfce_setup it should install itself as the default WM.  You'll
have to do this as each individual user for each user to have xfce as the

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1. How do you set a GLOBAL wm default?

I am running RH 5.0 kernel 2.0.31.  I want to set up global window
manager defaults to run fvwm2 with the fvwm95 style.  I want this to be
THE wm upon running "startx" for any and all users I add.  Right now, I
can't get a functional wm to run for any users, only for root.  Under
root, fvwm2 starts fine and it is in the fvwm95 style.  For users, I get
jack squat:  a grey screen with a moveable X-shaped cursor and that is
all.  If I left click with the mouse, I get a menu with a single item in it:
"Exit fvwm".  

I have run "locate xinitrc" and "locate fvwm2rc" and have found ONLY
system.fvwm2rc.  Apparently, this is (symbolically?) linked to .fvwm2rc,
or so I assume (if I run xfm and look at system.fvwm2rc in its X11R6
directory, for instance, the file icon has a chain link image over it).  

I tried copying system.fvwm2rc to my personal /home/poneil directory as
.fvwm2rc but this did nothing.  I then tried copying system.fvwm2rc to my
user directory as is (system.fvwm2rc) but this did nothing as well.

I do not understand where root is getting the information necessary to
run fvwm2 with fvwm95 style while no user account does.  There are no
wm-associated files in my /root directory (no .fvwm2rc, no .xinitrc,
nada, nothing, nunca, neechevo).  

What I need to know is what are ALL the files that I need to have and
edit (and what do I add to these files) to make the system-wide default
wm to be fvwm2 and the style to be fvwm95?  I assume that making GNOME
the system-wide default wm would follow a similar path? (I have it
downloaded but haven't tried installing it yet...I wanted to at least get
a functional wm up and running first before messing with new ones).

Please help.  Right now, all I can do to run a fully functional wm is
login as root.

I have read thru the man page on fvwm2 but it really didn't help as it
seems to require good familiarity with setting up wm in the first place.  
I need basic instruction.  I also read thru the XFree86 howto but found
no aid there either.  


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