S3-864 PCI and HiColor problem

S3-864 PCI and HiColor problem

Post by Martijn Lasthuiz » Tue, 21 Feb 1995 00:42:20

I'm having a problem with a DFI s3-864 2Mb videocard. On switching from a
S3-805i card to a DFI 864 card, I noticed a problem with the colorpalette in
HiColor mode. The video screen goes from blue to a great purple in 16 bit
mode and to a wonderfull deep blue in 15 bit mode. Apart from the color
problem everything works fine. The only hassle is that everything has the
stranges colors, and graphics look awefull because of this.
I've had the problem with Xfree 3.1 as well as with 3.1.1.
My XF86Config device section looks like this:

Section "Device"
    Identifier  "S3 Vision864"
    VendorName  "DFI"
    BoardName   "Unknown"
    Ramdac      "s3_sdac"
    Clockchip   "s3_sdac"
    VideoRam    2048

The depth is set to 16 with weight 5-6-5.

Anyone any ideas?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Greetings from Holland,