compiling Motif 2.0 with a recent linux distro

compiling Motif 2.0 with a recent linux distro

Post by Jeff Mille » Thu, 24 Feb 2000 04:00:00

i have access to motif 2.0 at work and have been trying to compile it
on a redhat 6.1/6.0 system.  I actually did get it to compile but not
any shared libs.

I had an old set of patches/instructions to get it to compile under
the old glibc/X stuff but they don't patch cleanly at all now.

Has anyone pointers to freely available patches to get it to compile?
I've tried compiling lesstif-latest in 2.0 mode but the binaries i
have (and am trying to support) just core dump.

Any tripups/traps/gotcha's info would be appreciated.



1. Anyone get xmcd-1.4 to compile/run under linux, X11R6, Motif 2.0??

Title pretty much asks it all.

I downloaded the xmcd-1.4.tar.gz file from and tried to
install it.  I run into a couple of problems...

   1) cda fails to compile because visual.c can't #include <term.h>

   2) xmcd simply seg. faults. I traced it down and this is being caused by
      the XtVaSetValues() command that tries to assign the pixmaps to the
      four upper left check box toggle button gadgets.  It seems that after
      the call to XtCreateSimpleCheckBox() the following four calls to get
      the widgets for button_0, button_1, button_2 and button_3 do not
      return valid widgets.  anybody know how to fix this?

   3) I can get around 2) by simply not trying to set the XmNlabelPixmap
      values for those toggle buttons but then when I run xmcd the
      controller pops up followed by a dialog box that states
      "Device /dev/scd0 is not a CD-ROM!"
      and /dev/scd0 darn well is too a CD-ROM.

I'm running Linux v1.2.10, Slackware 2.3.0, gcc 2.6.3 and Infomagic's
Moo-Tif 2.0.

Would somebody please tell me how to correctly repair these faults so that
I can fix the distribution and replace the buggy version currently on


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