ACAD for Linux !!! Think again !!!

ACAD for Linux !!! Think again !!!

Post by John Cava » Sun, 11 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Is the continuous spamming of every damn newsgroup the way to sell this product???? *y

>  Announcing Immediate availability, of complete AutoCAD
> replacement program for Linux.
>       Linux-CAD worth trying and using , we would not advertise it
> if this would not be the case.

>   Linux-CAD is an AutoCAD for Linux for all practical purposes it implements
> all major features of ACAD in such a way that new users (who had ACAD experience before)
> do not need any additional training to start working with Linux-CAD.

>   h t t p : / / w w w . l i n u x c a d . c o m

>     Linux-CAD is a professional quality Computer Aided design and Drafting
>  system for Linux , Linux-CAD is all graphics , all visual modelling and
>  all diagramming you may need for Linux !!!

>   The following works can be done in Linux-CAD:

>        Mechanical Engineering drafting,
>        Architectural Drafting,
>        Software Development Flowcharting ,
>        Entity Relationship Diagramming,
>        System Administration Diagramming and you actually can start
>        your sysadmin tasks from inside Linux-CAD,
>        PCB and schematic design ( easily integrated with routing programs ),
>        Geographicsl Information Systems,
>        Any kind of drafting where integration with database is important,
>        Floor plans for buildings and facilities,
>        Front end for programmable rendering systems like OpenGL,
>        Can be used to replace ACAD in every application later is used !!!

>   h t t p : / / w w w . l i n u x c a d . c o m

> Linux-CAD  - a must have for every Linux user.

>    Linux-CAD for personal use costs only $110  - for an AutoCAD compatible CAD
> package is an unbeleivable deal.

>  Linux-CAD features:

>  1. Complete creation of professional 2D  drawings, all 2D features of ACAD
> implemented and works exactly the same as AutoCAD.
>  2. 3D modelling.
>  3. Printing to HPGL compatible plotters ,
>  4. Printing to DeskJet and LaserJet ,
>  5. Printing and export to Postscript
>  6. Printing to L i n u x C A D MS Windows based Print server.
>  7. Blocks and Attributes - just like in AutoCAD.
>  8. Bezier Splines.
>  9. 3D objects and algorythms.
>  10. ???y ser Coordinate Systems.
> 11. Hidden lines removal.
> 12. Dview command.
> 13. Forming of 3D shapes by extrusion and revolution.
> 14. Support for SHX fonts in ??unifont format. That means national symbols,
>    including german accent letters, cyrillic, katakana, kanji.
> 15. New version supports Windows NT along with LIN???y X.
> 16. Linux-CAD runs on all workstation platforms in existsance including
> Linux Intel, LinuxPPC , SCO ???y nixware , Solaris X86 and Solaris SPARC.


ACAD for Linux !!! Think again !!!

Post by Marada C. Shradraka » Mon, 12 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Quote:>Is the continuous spamming of every damn newsgroup the way to sell this
>product???? *y

Yeah.  And I love this:

Quote:>>       Linux-CAD worth trying and using , we would not advertise it
>> if this would not be the case.

Why does that make me think of Windows 95?  Did MS justify their media blitz
that way?
Marada Coeurfuege Shra'drakaii   Colony name not needed in address.
I bet in the great programme of life, there's a line reading:
void marada(long long food,.....


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