X-Window Client

X-Window Client

Post by borg » Sat, 23 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I installed linux and got X-windows working correctly. Now, I
want to install EXceed (X-windows client) for NT. What
configuration parameters would I have to change on the linux box
to get this to work? Also, any help setting up Exceed, would be
a great help also. Please E-Mail all responses.. Thanks..


X-Window Client

Post by Bob Ver » Sun, 24 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Setting up Linux so that Exceed can use it ... Hmmm...
First set up the necessary network files under the /etc directory

HOSTNAME ..................  what is you Linux box hostname?

host     what is the IP address you have established for the Linus Box

I have also configured resolv.conf with a domain and nameserver BUT I am sure
that you do not need to do this

Also, I have my system configured to run the following daemons :

rpc.mountd ( maybe critical, maybe not )
rpc.nfsd ( maybe critical, maybe not)

make sure inetd is configured correctly (it should be)

make sure that the rc script finally called on bu inittab (or because of it)
(in MY case /rc.d/rc.6) starts the xdm. AGAIN it should by default.

If you need more details, consult Linux Configuration and Installation by
Volkdering  (MIS Press)
Linux Network Administrators Guide by Kirch (O'reilly Press)

Now to the Exceed ...
After you have set up the Linux Box, you may want to enter the host name and
host ip address of the PC (on which you are putting Exceed) in the files
Then install Exceed ... It really should be straightforward. All you really
need (from my recollection) is to accept as many defaults as possible which
making a direct query selection with the IP address of the Linux Box.

Hope this helps.


X-Window Client

Post by Steve Marti » Tue, 26 Mar 1996 04:00:00

> Setting up Linux so that Exceed can use it ... Hmmm...

One more thing... you'll have to put an entry in /etc/xhosts on the Linux box to reflect
the NT system on which Exceed is running. This file indicates which systems have permission
to connect to the X server on the Linux system. If this is not done, the X server will
refuse the connection.

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