what client message for window movement and resize?

what client message for window movement and resize?

Post by free_co » Sun, 28 Jul 2002 17:25:55

as you know,when client include the atom WM_DELETE_WINDOW in the
WM_PROTOCOLS property ,the window manager will send a WM_DELETE_WINDOW
mesage to client.Thus the client can decide how to respond to the

when it comes to move/resize a window,does window manager send some
message to client too?

if not,is there some other way to prevent client from being moved and


1. X-Window security: How to disallow window manipulation (closing, resizing, moving)

I've been asked to think about how to make a computer (running Linux or NT; the app runs
on both) airtight as a terminal in an exhibition area, where it is open to the public but
where it must not be possible to access anything but the application that is open on the
screen, or to close it, or do anything besides using that app. This is probably not very
difficult to do, seeing that the keyboard would be locked away anyway. In other words, all
you need to do is disable all the window controls that are accessible to the mouse (how do
you do that?) and then make sure that there is no 'Quit' function available within the
app, or if that's not possible, restart the app whenever it's being closed (run it from
inittab with respawn??) from within.

Does anyone have pointers to Howtos or FAQs or the like about this kind of thing?

Thanks, Frank

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