Lauching apps at full screen in fvwm2 ?

Lauching apps at full screen in fvwm2 ?

Post by tmich.. » Thu, 17 Sep 1998 04:00:00

> I have a PC with Slackware3.5 running X w. fvwm2 at 800x600.  In ~/.fvwm2rc I
> have commented out the pager, fvwmbuttons, and my screen is 1x1.  I launch
> apps from the left button menu and always run them at full screen. I switch
> between multiple apps by putting the cursor at the bottom or left edge and
> using the right button popup menu.

> I have been all over ~/.fvwm2rc  (and the man page) and can't figure: when I
> launch an app (Netscape, Xterm, whatever) how can I get it to automatically
> launch "full screen" right out to the edges?  I have to hit the "maximize"
> button in the upper right corner with everything--some apps even launch
> partway off screen and need to be dragged back in before I can maximize them
> to fit the screen.

Try checking the man page for fvwm2. Look for the -geometry statement.
You can
customize both size and position for any window app. RTFMP Read The


> If I shut down with several apps open, should the "modules | save desktop"
> menu item keep them as they were? (it doesn't).

The quick answer is look for ~/new.xinitrc. I remember reading about it
in a
manual page.


> BTW, how do most people switch between apps in X w. fvwm2?  Is the "cursor at
> the edge to get a menu" method common?

I personally like my pager set to more than 1x1. I would rather NOT have
cluttered desktop. It's too limiting, like the other OS desktops. I
rather work in a more organized fashion. Leave the caos to others.


> I'm also finding that mc in an xterm window is actually better than xfm or
> xfilemanager.

If you had set the sort order of mc window to modified date you could
find the
'~/new.xinitrc' file real fast.

Lauching apps at full screen in fvwm2 ?

Post by Dr. Joel M. Hoffm » Sun, 20 Sep 1998 04:00:00

>BTW, how do most people switch between apps in X w. fvwm2?  Is the "cursor at
>the edge to get a menu" method common?

I have Shift-Alt-F3 bound to the app menu.  that way I can do it
without using the mouse. (I hate using the mouse.)  I also have Alt
plus the function keys bound to the most common applications I use, so
I can get to them quickly without searching.  (Alt-F1 brings up my
e-mail, Alt-F2 brings up my main xterm, Alt-F11 brings up "top," etc.)



1. fvwm2: how to move out of 'full screen' window?

I suspect that I'm not knowledgeable enough about X11
to use the right terms; please bear with me!

I'm using fvwm2 2.2.4 as my Window Manager with XFree86
4.0.2 under Linux 2.2.16.  I've got fvwm2 set up with a
logical desktop of 3x3 'virtual desktops' (known as
'workspaces' in DCE?).  I.e. by clicking in
a square in the pager icon or by using control-arrow
keystrokes I can move quite happily between virtual

Unless I'm running an application which has thrown up
a full-screen sized window with no title bars.  In which
case I'm helpless; I know of no way to navigate my way
off that virtual desktop and onto another one.

For example, I have a java application which creates
a Swing JWindow object and makes it the full size of the
physical screen.  JWindows don't have title bars or borders
so I have no way of 'dragging' it away and my control-arrow
keystrokes have no effect.

Similarly when I run VNC's vncviewer (which I've just
discovered!) in 'full screen' mode I can't figure out how I
can leave it running in one virtual desktop and still be
able to go back and forwards between that and my other
virtual desktops.

This is probably a very basic/naive question, so I hope
someone there can help me!  In particular I want to leave
vncviewer running in one desktop while I can do things
in others.  If I run vncviewer as a large, but titled, window,
I can switch between virtual desktops but the viewer's
window has to put up scroll bars as some of  its
window's real estate is occupied by the window's title
bars and borders (and then by the scroll bars!).  'Full screen'
mode would be perfect, but then I can't get OUT of it and
into another virtual desktop!

Thanks for any help,


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