Problems with X (RH 6.1)on e-machine AMD and e-view monitor

Problems with X (RH 6.1)on e-machine AMD and e-view monitor

Post by Tharappel Jame » Fri, 02 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I am relatively new to Linux. I have RH 6.1 on e-machine AMD K2-300 with
an integrated (motherboard) RAGE 3D IIc video card and the e-view
monitor which is multiscan and SVGA compatible (works at 32 bit or
TrueColor with Win98). If I select the card and monitor settings during
XFree86 configuration (using any of the three config tools) the X window
appears with multiple blinking vertical lines although the fonts are
readable. However if I select the generic vga card and the generic vga
monitor X loads fine. I could use a different monitor say Samsung with
the generic card it would work fine. But if any of the other cards are
chosen I get the blinking lines. I wouldn't mind to stick with the
generic vga card but the resolution is (as seen from X-server info) is
only 1, 4. If I could get at least 16 bit colour that would be great. If
I edit the Xconfig file (the lines on the screen section) to get Depth
16 the screen goes wierd or X quits with the fatal error dialog. The X
startup messages says   that it detects ATI 3D RAGE  IIc graphic
controller, chip type 4737 "GW" etc (all the right things). I have also
tried to configure with P and P BIOS off. My question is how can I get a
higher resolution with the hardware I have? Also is there others in
Linux community who are using linux with e-machine AMDs? Incidently,
when I loaded Corel Linux on the same machine it did not 'officially'
complete the installation but it loaded everything except the X packages
and I could use it at the console level.
Any and all advise much appreciated. Thanks in advance,

1. RH 6.1, AMD, NFS: shutdown problem. HELP!


I have just installed RedHat 6.1 on a pentium Pro 200 with 80 Mb of RAM.
Linux 2.2.12-20 is installed. I've tried for several days to integrate
the computer into a LAN composed by a NIS domain and a NFS server (where
there are some volumes containing softwares and my home directory). I
use amd (version 6.0.1-14) to mount on demand the NFS volumes I need. It
seems everything is OK.

Problems begin at the reboot time. The run level 6 lanches 'netfs stop'
which unmount network volumes (NFS particulary). It execute the command:

umount -f -a -t nfs

This command updates /etc/mtab (it is also updated when amd stop at the
reboot time) but /proc/mounts does not change. And this error is

umount: Cannot MOUNTPROG RPC: RPC: Program not registered

What does it means actually?

Since /proc/mounts does not change, the kernel thinks that NFS volumes
are always mounted and (I guess) it tries to unmount them. So it seeks
the NFS server. The problem is that amd is between the kernel and the
NFS server. According to the kernel, amd is a NFS server. But the reboot
process (rd6.d) stops amd before executing 'netfs stop'. So the reboot
process does not succeed to unmount nfs volumes listed in /proc/mounts
and it stops itself on the errors:


- 350 is the PID of amd (it does not run anymore)
- bacchus is the name of my computer
- /opt/local/include and /gril are some of the nfs mounting points

So I am forced to reset, before unmounting local file systems, to stop
my computer. :(

Did someone have the same problem?
Did he or she resove it?
Why /proc/mounts does not change while /etc/mtab is up to date?
Where can I find doc about NFS, NIS, RPC et amd (or automount)?

Thank you for your help,

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fax: 03 20 43 65 66

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