Need Help: Trident 9660 w/X

Need Help: Trident 9660 w/X

Post by Joseph Peda » Thu, 06 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I just bought a new Trident 2 MB PCI card, the 9660.  I have had
many trident cards in the past, and they all configured correctly
with configxf86 util, but this cards seems to have brought up some
problems, I am using Linux 1.2.13, but am unsure of the version
of XFree that I am using, if anyone could help me in this matter,
please respond privately.

Thank you in advance

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1. Need XF86Config Help (Trident 9660+IBM G70)

        I seem to be having some trouble with my X86Config file.
Although X seems to work, my workspace/desktop is leaving a
significant part of my viewable screen unused, rought 1.5 inch black
boarders on all 4 sides.

        I have an IBM Aptiva with the Trident 9660 video chipset, an
IBM G70 (17 inch) monitor, and 2Meg video memory.  I have the latest
version of XFree86 (3.1.2d & 3.1.2e) that is currently in beta release
and supports the 9660 chipset.  I'm not sure if the problem is due
to my errors in the X86Config file or the beta nature of the X

        If anyone has a similar system and has gotten X to work on the
full screen, please let me know.  I've tried "1024x768" and "640x480"
modes with the same small screen problem.

Michael Hind

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