Accel-X demo not working

Accel-X demo not working

Post by Algot Runebj? » Thu, 16 May 1996 04:00:00

I just downloaded the accel-X demo, and now Xsetup just causes
segmentation fault.  Any idea whats wrong?


1. xscreensaver 3d demos not working with nvidia ti4200

Hello.  I just upgraded the motherboard, cpu and video card in my
system.  Everything appears to be working fine, except I cannot get the
3D screensavers in the xscreensaver package to work (e.g. atlantis,
gears).  Whenever I try to run them, I get the following message:

xscreensaver: DEMO 127 ClientMessage received.
xscreensaver: demoing 127 at Sat May 17 21:59:14 2003.
xscreensaver: 0: grabbing keyboard on 0xac... GrabSuccess.
xscreensaver: 0: grabbing mouse on 0xac... GrabSuccess.
xscreensaver: 0: visual 0x21 (TrueColor,   depth: 24, cmap: 256)
xscreensaver: 0: saver window is 0x1400008.
xscreensaver: 0: destroyed old saver window 0x1400001.
xscreensaver: limited pid 1055 address space to 50M.
xscreensaver: 0: spawning "atlantis -root" in pid 1055.
    hint: there may be a ulimit restricting the amount of
    virtual memory available to XFree86. It may be a good
    idea to check your startup scripts for something like

    ulimit -v <number>                                    

    and either boost this value or remove the line.      
atlantis: couldn't create GL context for visual 0x21.
xscreensaver: 0: child pid 1055 (atlantis) exited abnormally (code 1).
xscreensaver: unblanking screen at Sat May 17 21:59:16 2003.
xscreensaver: 0: ungrabbing mouse (was 0xac).
xscreensaver: 0: ungrabbing keyboard (was 0xac).
xscreensaver: error: XF86MiscSetGrabKeysState returned MiscExtGrabStateAlready

As far as I can tell, I'm not setting any kind of ulimit.  There
certainly shouldn't be any ram problems---I have one gig of memory
installed.  The video card is an Asus GeForce4 ti4200.  I have installed
the nvidia video drivers.  Also, the "glxgears" test program works fine.

Anyone have any ideas what's going wrong here?



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