ANNOUNCE: XFree86 3.1.1u2 S3 server binary for Linux (S3 968 and 868 support)

ANNOUNCE: XFree86 3.1.1u2 S3 server binary for Linux (S3 968 and 868 support)

Post by Harald Koen » Sat, 03 Jun 1995 04:00:00

the new S3 server binary for Linux (3.1.1u2) with support for cards with
S3 968 and TVP3026 ramdac.

you can find it in

and some time later hopefully on all our mirrors, and (esp. for german users)

Note that "3.1.1u2" is really only the new S3 Linux server binary
for the hurds of new S3 cards' owners who are asking every day when
May is over because there were so many new adds to test for the new relaease
that we need some more time for the next real release which will be then
called "3.1.2" and is planed formid/end of June (or whenever we are ready).

Binaries for other operating systems than Linux or an ELF binary will
only be built for 3.1.2, so you have to wait some more weeks, sorry.

from the small README file for this server binary:

This S3 server binary for Linux includes support for

- S3 968 and TVP3026 (e.g. ELSA Winner 2000PRO/X or
  Diamond Stealth 64 VIDEO VRAM)

NOTE: for the Diamond card you should set Option "Diamond"
  in the device section!

- S3 868 (e.g. ELSA Winner 1000AVI)

- fixed minor Trio32/Trio64 problems (incl. white line)

- fixed complete crash with vertical/diagonal stripes
  when moving the mouse (makes Option "sw_cursor" obsolete)

you should install the new binary as root using

        tar zxvvpCf  /usr/X11R6  X311u2S3.tgz

and for TVP3026 ramdacs use

        Option "dac_8_bit"

and set the RAMDAC clock limit with

        DACspeed 175
        DACspeed 220

according to your ramdac clock limit (175 MHz for TVP3026-175,
220MHz for TVP-3026-220 etc.)

All SCSI disks will from now on                     ___       _____
be required to send an email notice                0--,|    /OOOOOOO\
24 hours prior to complete hardware failure!      <_/  /  /OOOOOOOOOOO\
                                                    \  \/OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO\
                                                      \ OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO|//
Harald Koenig,                                         \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
Inst.f.Theoret.Astrophysik                              //  /     \\  \


1. ANNOUNCE: XFree86 3.1.1u2 S3 server binary for Linux (S3 968 and 868 s

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

That was great timing for me, as I just picked up a Diamond Stealth 64 Video
VRAM card!  Now, I have a couple of XFree-newbie questions, if you'll indulge
me.  I've got XFree up and running (sort of), but I get a terrible amount of
noise on the screen... doesn't seem to matter what resolution, but I get lots
of lines running through the screen (even when I'm not doing anything).

I created a basic XF86Config using (what else) 'xf86config'.  I did not choose
a card from the list, but I'm using the S3 server.  I'm setting
Option "Diamond" as specified in the readme, and the server seems to detect the
RAMDAC ok (ti3026) and sets the max clock to 135.  Is there an option that I
need to set?  

Also, once I get the noise cleared up, how do I get the server to run in 16bpp
mode?  I tried removing the 8bpp section from the device description, but that
just caused startup to fail with a "no 8bit config" error.

Any clues will be appreciated... I can post the XF86Config file once it's
working for others to use, and I can post what I have now if that'll be any

 Sean M. Carey
 HESD Software and Electronic Product Development
 3M Company, St. Paul, MN


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