X screen size and other problems

X screen size and other problems

Post by Mladen Gavrilovi » Wed, 30 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I started with X version 3.3.2.something that came with my RH linux 5.0
CD.  Xconfigurator detected my video card properly, and I put in my
custom monitor values (Magitronic C-SV1500PS) at 30-64K horizontal and
55-90Hz vertical.  The XF86Config file had lots of resolutions defined,
like 400x300 defined, and many variations of these were commented out,
but I could only use 640x480 and 800x600, the ones I had asked to in
Xconfigurator.  This is fine.  I ran xvidtune, but no matter what I did,
I couldn't get the picture across the whole screen.

I updated to X from the RH linux 5.0 update site.  The new
Xconfigurator, to my surprise, DIDN'T detect my video card properly by
probing.  It is an ATI Rage II (3D Xpression+ I think).  I had to put in
that it had 4 mb of ram, and I chose no clockchip setting.  XF86Setup
was no better.  Unlike, Xconfigurator, it didn't offer a list of
monitors, just different versions of a custom monitor (doesn't matter
cuz mine's custom anyway, but weird nonetheless).  I got through the
setup with XF86Setup, and my XF86Config file was changed to contain only
to modelines and 4 servers defined, the primary accelerated (Mach64 I
think, although I don't think it actually says that anywhere) server,
the SVGA server, the VGA_16 server, and the mono server.  This is all
fine, cuz it's much neater than previously, and I'd be satisfied except
for one fact--it don't work.  

Q:      Is "no clockchip setting" correct for an ATI Rage II (probably 3d

Q:      My vid card line in XF86Setup's XF86Config doesn't include the
dotclocks or memory settings.  Is this normal?  Also, how do I "apply"
the changes in the vid card section of XF86Setup, there is no "apply"
button and the settings don't get saved when I switch tabs and then come
back to the vid card tab.

1)  I have hsync and vsync frequencies from win95 which work well (in
win95), which are 75hz vsync and 46.79Khz hsync, with hsync and vsync
turned on (this is 800x600).  When I set it to this in xvidtune, the
height is right, but the horizontal length is much too short.  I can't
fix it with the monitor, it goes out of range and besides screws up my
win95 and win 3.1 screens.

Q:      my modeline for 800x600 has -hsync -vsync at the end, does this mean
that they're turned on, or do I have to change them to +hsync and +vsync
or something?

Q:      I have a feeling that this is related to the dotclock.  It comes up
as 60 something, my card will go up to 170.  but I have a feeling that I
can only use certain values cuz when I put it to 100 it went back to 60
in xvidtune (I mighta screwed something up though).  So what dotclocks
can I use with my ATI Rage II 170Mhz max card (monitor bandwidth 75

Note that to widen the screen, xvidtune makes me go to 90Hz, and then
it's not even wide enough.  I also have to shorten the height.  The only
value that doesn't move is the dot clock.  This is why I think that the
dotclock is the problem.

2)      In 640x480, basically the same thing except I have 75hz and 37.49K
horizontal.  the dot clock is 30 something.  One more problem though, I
don't have hsync or vsync enabled in windows (and the screen size is
right).  However, the modeline for 640x480 in XF86Config ends with
-hsync and -vsync.  If I delete this, I can't get into 640x480 mode in
X.  It comes up in 800x600, and the ctrl-alt-"+" and ctrl-alt-"-" don't
do anything.

Q:      How do I turn of vsync and hsync in 640x480

I'm getting my values in win95 from my ATI drivers, and in Win 3.1 I'm
running at the same settings, and the picture size is fine as well.
However the drivers don't tell me the dot clock.

I've tried the videomodes.doc file, but doing the process there gives me
something crazy like 2048*1536 at 47hz.  This is because my 170Mhz
ramdac, much faster than the 65Mhz used in the example in that file.
when I alter the calculations to 800x600 resolution, I come up with a
crazy 346 hz refresh.  the refresh is still over 100 if I go to
1280x1024, the highest my monitor will go.

I'd appreciate any help from anybody, I've been wrestling with this for
quite a while...




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