Stopping XF86_SVGA using builtin modes?

Stopping XF86_SVGA using builtin modes?

Post by Matt J. Gumbl » Thu, 26 Sep 1996 04:00:00

        I'm having a lot of trouble getting my #9 Reality 332 to work with X.
I've downloaded the 3.1.2G beta S3 server, and it says:

(--) S3: Unknown S3 chipset: chip_id = 0x31e1 rev. 61

 ** None of the configured devices were detected. **

        After much messing about, I decided to try getting the card to work as
a simple SVGA graphics card, at 800x600, or even better, 1024x768. Hell, even
my Trident TVGA8900 works well like that. No such luck with the #9 though.
Changing over to the XF86_SVGA server (3.1.2G again), all I get is:

(--) SVGA: Using builtin driver modes
(--) SVGA: Builtin Mode: 320x200

        And there seems to be *NO WAY* to get it higher. I've been hacking
XF86Config files for two days now, and I've had enough. VGA16 will go up to
640x480 and no higher.

        Why won't this card work with the SVGA server? Why does the server
obstinately refuse to listen to anything I tell it in /etc/XF86Config, and
stick at 320x200? I can live without all the fancy acceleration functions, I
just want a decent-sized desktop! Is there some way of making the SVGA server
work with this card, or stopping it using its *builtin modes? Please,
somebody out there help me, or I'll be forced to use Windows 95 for the rest of
my life...

        Many thanks in advance,

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        I ran xf86config and it gave a XF86Config file.
This file has several modes in the monitor section
ie "640x480" "800x600" etc..
        The device subsection matches these, "640x480" etc..
When starting the server with startx  it lists, builtin mode
of 320x200 with virtual of 320x204.  ctrl-alt-{+}.{-} doesn't
change the mode and nothing I do to the config file effects
this mode, it is always the 320x200 'builtin mode'.
        The server does start but it is practically unusable
at this resolution.  How does 'builtin mode' get called?
How do I use a regular mode "640x480" etc???



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