What about my 111 error?

What about my 111 error?

Post by pray.. » Wed, 03 Nov 1999 04:00:00

> I am still getting that "111" error.
> I have replaced the UNIX:/-1 with all the font path strings, and
> I am still getting that infernal error.

Note: I have progressed to not getting that error when I startx now.
XF86Setup still gives the "111" error, but nothing in the log file.

startx still isn't good though. I get the top half of the desktop, and
the top half of each window written, plus the full frame of each
window. The rest is just transparent lower halfs. I also get strange
rectangular shapes along the bottom edge of the top half of the desktop
background. I have at least 3 resolution modes and all  display the
same way.  Changing the xf86config file makes size and placement
changes in the screen, but not content changes.

It works fine with a tseng6100 card, but now I want to set up for
Savage 3D type card (it has 8mb and is faster). Do any of you folks
have any clues?

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monitor.  But when I try to run startx I get the usual list of probed
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**None of the configured devices were detected**

Fatal server error:
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