can't get openwin to run openwin-init

can't get openwin to run openwin-init

Post by E. Kelly Bo » Mon, 10 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I have openwin setup and running on my slackware 1.2.10.  I can't get it
to load the openwin-init or the  xtoolplaces in order to save my
desktop.  Has anyone had any success getting this to work with linux?



1. .openwin-init doesn't work

When I save workspace under openwindows it never restores it when I
go back in later.  I checked in my .openwin-init and it looks good
but it's just not being run.  Is there supposed to be a rc file
somewhere.  I dug through the faq but I couldn't seem to find anything
on this subject.

-Tom Bilan

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