Virtual fails on mono when > 1k x 1k

Virtual fails on mono when > 1k x 1k

Post by Scot W. Stevens » Fri, 24 Mar 1995 09:21:13

Hello there,

While playing around with my Xconfig setup and XF86_Mono on my TVGA8900cl,
I tried to set the virtual parameter to 1600x1200, just like the docs
say I should be able to with 1 MByte of RAM. What happens is that parts
of the screen "wrap around" the top and right side. This still happens with
1600x1182 (the next smallest size that is divisible by 32), and with just
everything larger than 1024x1024, which works just fine. Turning off the
virtual desktop of fvwm doesn't make a difference, neither does taking
out the parts to set up my Hercules monitor as a second X screen. Since
this happens before fvwm is started, it doesn't look like it's the
window manager's fault.

Does anyone know what's going on here? It almost seems like X is using
the whole 1 MByte video RAM, not the 256 Kbyte like the docs say for a
supported chipset (non-supported would not get me more than 800xsomething,
anyway), but is using a whole byte for each pixel instead of one bit.

I think I'm still using XFree86 3.1, and kernel 1.0.9.

Thanks for any help, Y, Scot


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1. recv() fails after 1K.

I am developing an interface to a Credit checking bureau in South Africa. My
system is an RS6000 running
AIX 4.2. I can successfully connect, send and receive but I can only receive

The following code extract should show what is happening. Does anyone have
any experience/ideas on what is
going wrong.

Samples of the open,connect, and send sequence

       if((send_sock_s=socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, IPPROTO_TCP)) < 0)
       if(connect(send_sock_s, &sock_server, sizeof(sock_server)) < 0)
       ret=send(send_sock_s_p, &tcp_buf[0], TCPPKTSZ, 0);

    int ret                    = 0;
    int packet_len      = 4516;
    int send_ndx        = TCPHEADSZ;

     while (send_ndx < packet_len )
         fprintf(stderr, "Waiting for %d bytes Received %d cum %d\n",
             packet_len - send_ndx,ret,send_ndx);

         ret=recv(send_sock_s_p, &tcp_buf[send_ndx], packet_len - send_ndx,

         if ( ret < 0 )
             fprintf(stderr, "recv returned %+d errno =%d\n",ret,errno);


The results are as follows :-

Waiting for 4508 bytes Received 0 cum 8
Waiting for 4004 bytes Received 504 cum 512
Waiting for 3492 bytes Received 512 cum 1024
recv returned -1 errno = 73  (Connection reset by peer)

This happens consistently as 1024 bytes, even if recv size is set to 128 or

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