window manager focus and window stack

window manager focus and window stack

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I really, really need some help on this so even if you can't help would
you please point me to someone might or another more appropriate list to
post to.  TIA

I'm writing a non-kde application that I would like it to stay on the
bottom of the window stack.  I also need to have KWM set up as "click to
focus" as well as have the application NOT act sticky(should display
ONLY on it's desigated desktop).  I need to program my app so that when
you click on it, it will not overlap the other windows on the desktop.
Presently, if you right-click on it, it acts as desired but I need to
have it act the same on left click.

So far I've tried the following:
1) set the override-redirect -- this causes to the app to stick on every
desktop  :-(
2) capture focus_in event and call XLowerWindow() -- the app will
momentarily be on top of the stack after the click and THEN the focus-in
event gets called and the app is moved to the bottom of the window
stack.  The other apps flicker momentarily :-(
3) set the noFocusTitles and noFocusClasses in the [Focus] section of
the kwmrc. -- this prevents the app from getting the focus but does NOT
prevent it from moving to the top of the window stack and overlapping
the other windows.  :-(

I've traced the sequence of events (using xev) during both right-click
and left-click and they're identical.  There are no exposure events
being generated during these types of clicks so something else is
painting (backingstore?) the app.

Ed Centanni

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