Banshee and X

Banshee and X

Post by khoba » Wed, 16 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I have a 16MB PCI Banshee card working with XFree86-, but
I'm of the opinion I need to do something to "improve"

Currently I'm using a server obtained from Creative Labs.

I want to download or whatever is the latest XFree86 but
I don't see an all-in-one package at I see servers,
and I see PC98 servers, and then I see a bunch of other files. I
saw that the latest version of xfree86 is supposed to support the
Banshee, but what server do I use? XF86_SVGA???

As for the errors, the one I'm curious about is to do with DGA
extension failure:

XFree86 DGA frame buffer is banked (bank size 2621440 < memory
size 16777216). XFree86 direct graphics (DGA) initialization

The above is from vmware 2.0 beta. I also get a similar error
when trying to run kwintv.

Should I really be using the frame buffer server? Are there any
problems I should be aware of if so? I thought I had read
previously that only 8bpp was supported or there was some strange
problem with it.

Thanks in advance,

Paul Nixon

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