xterm icon labels in olvwm

xterm icon labels in olvwm

Post by Lawrence K Chilto » Sat, 07 Feb 1998 04:00:00

When I iconify xterm windows (from Linux desktop using olvwm) the label
often get cutoff so only part of it is visible. Is there a way to make
the label section bigger, make the lable font smaller, or force word
wrap and have the label occupy multiple lines? Any help here will be
very much appreciated. Thanks.


1. xterm icon label

When I iconize an xterm window (using olvwm on a Red Hat Linux 4.2
installation) the label is often truncated. I have read man pages for
xterm and some others looking for the right option to set in my
.Xdefaults file, but nothing I've tried works. Any ideas how to make the
full label viewable? Thanks.

Larry C.

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