need setup help: #9 Reality 332 & Dell 17TX

need setup help: #9 Reality 332 & Dell 17TX

Post by Jeffrey D Goldad » Fri, 16 Aug 1996 04:00:00


I just installed Linux (Slackware 96) for the first time, on our new
PC.  We have a Dell Dimension XPS133S, configured with their
UltraScan 17TX monitor and a Number Nine Reality 332 video
card (S3 764/Trio64 chipset).

I'm trying to get a runnable XF86Config file using the xf86config
utility, and things aren't working.  I've selected the
accelerated server for S3 cards.  Everything goes well until
I get to the X -probeonly part.  I get a "cannot find clocks in
server output" message from the x -probeonly test.

I quit and tried starting X with the output redirected to a file
so I can look at it.  X gets to the point where it looks for the video
card, then says it cannot locate any configured device.

I'm worried that I should be setting clock information, even
though the files in the XreeF86 doc directory say this should not be
the case.

What am I doing wrong?  Can someone out there running the same or a
similar setup help me with the XF86Config file?

Thanks for any help you can give!!!!

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