sh->xqf->quake works, fvwm->xqf->quake hangs X?

sh->xqf->quake works, fvwm->xqf->quake hangs X?

Post by Tim Smi » Fri, 09 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I'm running Red Hat 5.1, the S3 XFree86 server on a Diamond Stealth 64, and
I've got a Monster 3D in there too.  I use the GL version of Quakeworld.
I use fvwm2 as my window manager, configured by wmconfig.

I use a nifty program called xqf to find Quake games.  It's an X front end
to the qstat program.  If I do the following, everything works great:

1. From an xterm, run xqf.
2. From xqf, find a Quake game, and try to join it.

However, if I put the following in a file named xqf in my .wmconfig so that
I can run run xqf directly from a menu, instead of starting an xterm and
running it by hand, it fails:

        xqf name "View Quake Servers"
        xqf description "QuakeSpy-like program"
        xqf exec "/usr2/quake/xqf-static-gtk"
        xqf group Programs

Here's what happens:

1. I select "View Quake Servers" from the menu.
2. xqf runs, I find a Quake game, and try to join it.
3. X stops working.  The cursor still moves, but it no longer changes shape
as it moves over different things, and mouse clicking has no effect.  Nor do
any keystrokes, other than numlock and capslock (they toggle the appropriate
keyboard LEDs) and the keystrokes to kill the X server or to switch virtual

If I switch to another VC and look around, everything appears normal, except
that that my Quake game has not started.  I've tried killing various things
at that point, but nothing gets the X server to respond.  I have to kill it
and restart it.  Most notably, there is no Quake running.

If I change my configuration in xqf to use the X version of Quake, instead
of the GL version, all is well, leading me to believe that what is happening
is some sort of interaction between the 3Dfx stuff on X.  At first I thought
that Quake was dying and leaving the video set to 3Dfx, but the fact that I
can switch to other virtual consoles means the video is set to the Stealth

I've got two questions:

1. What is different when something starts from a menu, as opposed to
starting from a shell in an xterm?

2. Why is this locking X, and is there a way to unlock it short of killing
it and restarting it?

--Tim Smith



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