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Can anyone let me know if they know how I can get my Viper SE VLB to work with x-windows.  Any Linux os will do as I am awaiting getting hooked back up.!!!...Linux seems awesome but I cannot get x-windows:(


1. Weitek P9100 (Diamond Viper Pro)

Just bought a new machine and after checking out the hardware HOWTO
ended up specifying a Diamond Viper PCI card, it turned up with a
Diamond Viper Pro PCI card in it however.  This means it uses a Weitek
P9100 rather than a Weitek P9000, and I am a little unsure about
compatibility.  The machine is currently at the shop so they can swap
sound cards - they may have tried to pull a fast one there, if so it has
ended up to be rather expensive.

Preferably I would like to use Xfree86, it appears that Accelerated-X
1.2 supports this card however I didn't bargain on paying $199.


Zebedee Mason
Thermo Fluid Mechanics Research Centre, School of Engineering,
University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9QT, United Kingdom.

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