Problems with Xfree86 installation

Problems with Xfree86 installation

Post by frederic prevos » Sun, 26 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I've got an aptiva IBM PC with an intel pentium 100 processor, a trident
TUI 9680 videocard and an IBM G50 monitor. I installed Slackware release
2.0.30 and I'm in trouble with Xfree86 release 3.3.1. I installed
SVGA_server and all the X diskset. I ran "xf86config", then "SuperProbe"
and finally "X -probeonly > /tmp/x.value 2>&1". It seems that's there's no
problem when I read the x.value file, but when I run startx, I find myself
in front of a black screen, my computer works for a few minutes and finally
nothing happends and my screen keeps staying black.

                Would you mind helping me in any way, hope to hear from you.

                                yours sincerely

                                                Fred from FRANCE


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i tried installing xfree86 4.0 from the binary .tgz files, but found that i
couldn't install rpms that need xfree86 without forcing them. so i got the
rpm's for X from rawhide and installed them they complain about needing
various things: (i have libncurses v5 rpm installed and don't have this file,
only, mesa >= 3.2 (which *is* installed, redhat installed
it by default) and glibc 2.2 (redhat 6.2 installed v2.1, and i can't find
v2.2 anywhere- does it exist?).
i foolishly tried forcing the rpms to install and now my system is totally
screwed. so i guess i'll start again, but first i'd like to hear how other
people went when installing it on RH6.2.
any suggestions? what am i missing?...


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