Best Motif for Linux

Best Motif for Linux

Post by clink dedicated li » Mon, 06 May 1996 04:00:00

Hi. I am trying to put together a Motif box at home. I bought a new
Diamond Stealth 64 Video (S3 868, 2MB DRAM) at an auction dirt cheap,
and would like to get a 17" monitor for it. Question is: With so many
Motif distribution, which one should I get?  Also, will the X-performance
be much faster if I spend $$$ on buying the X-server from Accelerated X?
Is Motif included in Accelerated X? Or at least they have some sort of
discount bundles? Also, any CDE environment (like SUN Solaris 2.5) for
Linux already?

I think instead of spending $100 for Windoze 95, spending $100 on a decent
X-server / Motif will be a better investment. My old WFW+Norton Desktop
serves me well... and uses far less memory and resources. If I go for
Windoze, NT-Workstation (wait for 4.0) will be a better choice.




1. Best Motif for Linux?

: I have found a number of versions of Motif for Linux that use the XFree86
: X Windows software.  Can anyone recommend one from below or suggest a
: better one?
: 1) SWiM from GUI Corp, distributed by acc-corp
: 2) Motif by Metro Link
: 3) OSF/Motif 2.0 by Erico Badella of Soft*star in Torino, Italy

I'm also interested in this question.
Does anybody have experience with (3) ????

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