Trouble setting up XFree86 with Ramdac Cirrus CL-GD5430 on Packard Bell

Trouble setting up XFree86 with Ramdac Cirrus CL-GD5430 on Packard Bell

Post by Preferred Custome » Sun, 23 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I have set up the config file with the most basic features such as VGA
I have a super VGA card and tried SVGA too. With VGA and SVGA I get a nice
X icon and blue background but not xterm windows. The X icon will not move
no menu comes up with button 2 as I would expect. The only thing I can do
after this
is to CTRL ALT BKSP to exit back to the shell. If anyone has any
I would be gratefull. I am now considering buying another product that
would have a


1. Cirrus CL-GD5430/40 PCI with 1MB - how to do higher than 640x480?

I have the card mentioned and it seems to only do 640x48o with the virtual
desktop taking it to 800x600. I would like to get at least 800x600 on the
main part of the screen. Would adding the other 1mb to bring it to 2mb do
the trick? I hve tried setting different modelines in XF86Config with no
success so far. I just installed Linux a couple of days ago and would like
to get this sorted out before I progress on to getting the networking and
PPP sorted out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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