Oak Tech OTI-64111 Spitfire 1 MB Video Card Problem

Oak Tech OTI-64111 Spitfire 1 MB Video Card Problem

Post by Derek Graha » Sat, 09 May 1998 04:00:00

Hey All,
I am just getting into Linux, got a poor vid card or sumthin
Its a new card for my PC, but obviously not yet included in support for
anyone got a Oak OTI-64111 Spitfire TV/Video SVGA Card?
Get it to work?
email me please...
Also, having trouble with my dang PnP Audio Card(Yamaha OPL3SAx FM )
and IOMEGA Jaz Drive, anyone knowing how to make those work in X and
Regular Linux, please email me :)
Derek Graham


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I have an Oak VGA card - OTI-64111 chipset.  I'd like to utilise it under
X-Windows.  The generic Oak driver only supports the VGA16 server -- but
I'd like to run under the SVGA server with more than 16 colours!

Anyone have any help for me?

Many thanks

Louis van Dyk

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