X & ALi M3147V card config probs

X & ALi M3147V card config probs

Post by vivshan.. » Fri, 05 May 2000 04:00:00

I'm experiencing great problems configuring X. HELP!
thanks in advance.


os : RHL 6.0

ACER Labs M3147V PCI with 1MB    (VGA)

RAMDAC - ICS5342 GENDAC, S3 86c708 GENDAC 24 bit DA
Clock Chip - ICS 5340/1/2 GENDAC Integrated Clock
Linear Buffer - 3584 MB

Monitor : ViewSonic E641
horizontal sync - 30-54
vertical - 50-100

I can't seem to get a resolution of anything higher than a 640x480 in
16 bit
color. I'm using the VGA16 server.

Also, when I changed the permissible horizontal sync in the XF86Config
the already present values too rose leaving my
horizontal sync only to permit a res. of 640x480

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