Need help withTrident 9660 and Generic SVGA Monitor 15"

Need help withTrident 9660 and Generic SVGA Monitor 15"

Post by Charles Gunawa » Tue, 11 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I have Trident 9660 with 2 megs VRAM and Generic (No name) Monitor 15"
installed on Linux 2.0.28. I've been trying to configure XF86Config with
Generic VGA or Generic SVGA but no luck. The only resolution that I can go
so far is only 320x200 which is the virtual screen. It can never go beyond

If somebody can help me with this problem, please send me the working
XF86Config with your comment if necessary.

Thank you.


1. Getting 800x600 res with X on a 15" generic monitor


I've been trying to get the 800x600 res going on my 15" generic monitor.The system has an
Avancelogic 1101L card which supports upto 76 KHz hsync and 1024x768 configuration under
Windows3.11. I've tried to tweak the parameters exactly as described in the VideoMonitors.doc
file that came with the distribution. Regardless, I've not been able to get it to run in any
mode other than the 600x480 mode.

My monitor is a fixed-freq sync monitor and I was wondering if this could be a problem.

For instance,the following configuration which I arrived at as described in the doc file gives
me the following error when I run "startx".

Mode Configuration in XF86Config:
    Mode "800x600"
        DotClock        40
        HTimings        800 864 1016 1053
        VTimings        600 611 617 632

Error I get:
"Mode 800x600 needs hsync freq of 37.99 KHz.Deleted."

The exact values according to the Monitor Users' manual specification is 37.879 KHz

I don't think any kind of tweaking could further get closer to the spec.

Does fixed freq monitor means I must somehow tweak the parameters so that I get the exact value
as found ??

I will greatly appreciate any help if anyone has any idea how to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance,


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