mach32, static, arg!

mach32, static, arg!

Post by Craig A. Johnst » Sat, 04 Feb 1995 10:08:43

Hardware: ATI GUPro PCI, mach32 graphics chip, 2 megs VRAM.

Software: XFree 3.1, mach32 server.

The problem is sort of strange.  It occurs in both the modes I use,
one a 1280x1024 VESA mode, adjusted slightly for left-right centering,
and the other a home-rolled 1192x930.  The pixel clocks are 135Mhz
and 126Mhz, respectively.

Both modes look perfect, except for a 1-2 pixel column on the side
of the screen -- right side for the 1280 mode at 135, and left
side for the 1192 mode at 126.  What I get is, at first just a very
few pixels blinking on and off, the color of my X background, and then
more, and more, until I have a * sawtooth sort of pattern buzzing
along the side of the screen.

The funny thing is, when I start X it's not there -- not at all.  It
begins when I pull up an xterm, is very minor at first, and then
builds.  Once it's going it does not go away if I get rid of the xterm.

I'm wondering if something systematic is going on here, because the
problem is on different sides in different modes...leading me to
believe I might be able to shift it off the screen?  I've fiddled,
but so far no dice.

I was able to previously run X at 135 Mhz with the same 1280x1024
mode on an ATI GUPro VLB, same monitor, without this problem
occuring.  The monitor is a Nanao Flexscan 6500, BTW.  It certainly
should be able to manage a 126Mhz pixel clock with no problems.  I
am running right about dead on it's max horiz. scan rate, at 79.9khz,
with max being 80khz.

As I just bought this card, what I am wanting to know is if this
is probably a problem with this specific card -- i.e. should I send
it back for another?   Or is this perhaps a problem with recent
mach32 cards?  It's a VRAM card w/a max pixel clock of 135Mhz,
so should definitely handle a 126Mhz clock without any trouble.

Has anyone else experienced this?  I'm thinking it's my card.

Any owners of recently-made PCI GUPros *not* having this problem at
126Mhz+ pixel clocks?

Thanks much in advance.


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mach32, static, arg!

Post by Craig A. Johnst » Mon, 06 Feb 1995 16:29:36

>A number of Mach32 users report "static" of various kinds while using
>XFree86 3.1.  I have never seen a solution to the problem suggested. My
>best guess is simply that the Mach32 server is buggy.

Problem is, I was used the exact same server with a VLB version, and
all was fine.  Same 1280x1024 mode.  This is driving me nuts.


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