Modes for Samsung SyncMaster 3Ne

Modes for Samsung SyncMaster 3Ne

Post by Christopher Denn » Wed, 25 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I am having difficulty getting the modes set correctly for the Samsung
monitor above.  I have for months been working in 640x480 because I could
not get any better having a Trident 9440 based card.  Now trying out the
server which has just come out for this card I cannot get any mode higher
than 640x480 to work and I don't have much free time to play around.  If
anyone has a
set of modes which works for this monitor could you mail them to me.




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  Hi I'm trying to install Xfree 3.2 but I dont have my monitor manual :(
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  Any comments will be appreciated ;)

  Thank in Advance ^_^

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