X with EGA?

X with EGA?

Post by Engard Feren » Thu, 12 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

Is there anybody that uses X with EGA mon? I know that there is EGA support
in XF86_VGA16, but I couldn't make it work. If somebody did, please send
be some info and maybe his/her xf86config file!

I use the X version 3.3.1, and have an EGA Wonder 800 card.

One more question: I also have problems with the restoretextmode in svgalib.
Until I didn't specified in the vgalib.config explicitely that I have EGA,
even with the -w switch it turned my screen to a high-freq sound generator.
Now it is a little better, but also with the -w switch in 43-line mode it
makes a cca. 24-line mode, and doesn't do what it should be do. :-(

Any help?

PS.: Please send a cc to my email address to! Thx.

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