(SOLLICITATION) Beta testers needed for Visual SlickEdit X-Windows

(SOLLICITATION) Beta testers needed for Visual SlickEdit X-Windows

Post by MicroEdge Suppo » Tue, 12 Sep 1995 04:00:00

        MicroEdge Inc, the makers of Visual SlickEdit an award winning text
editor for programmers, is currently seeking beta testers for our new X-
Windows version.  We are ready for testers running LINUX and Intel Solaris,
other platforms will be coming soon.

        If you are interested in beta testing for one of these or any other
X-Windows platform, please fill out the following form and mail it to

*** Please do not post replies ***


    -What text editors do you use?

    -List programming development languages you are using
     in order of usage.  Include Perl, AWK, and HTML if you
     currently work with these languages.

    -List your operating systems in order of usage.

    -List the X Windows platforms for which your are interested in
     beta testing.

    -If you are a current user of SlickEdit, list one serial
     number for each platform for which you use SlickEdit.

    -If you are a current user of Visual SlickEdit, list one serial
     number for each platform for which you use Visual SlickEdit.

    -Do you use UNIX on a daily basis?


  Please respond as soon as possible if you are interested in beta testing
  our LINUX and/or Intel Solaris versions.

  Unfortunately, we can only accept a limited number of beta testers.

  Thank you for your help

  Brian Hall
  MicroEdge, Inc.


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technically savvy beta testers to take a look a this toolkit.

    This class library is very mature on the Macintosh and Win32 platforms,
and has been used to build commercial quality applications for several
years. I've now completed a port to X-Windows/Gtk which is late beta

    I need folks who can test the sample application (available from
.0b7.tar.gz) on a number of different Linux machines / X-Windows XServers.
And more importantly - I need people who are familiar with programming with
Gtk - who can evaluate how easy it is to integrate with the Gtk wrappers
I've written.

    If you are interested in playing with the sample editor - you can just
download it from the URL above (please note - this beta only supports RTF
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