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Currently I have RedHat Linux 3.03 on Toshiba's (TECRA 700 DT, TERCA 720
CDT) laptops, which runs smoothly.

I got into problem when I tried to install RedHat Linux 4.1 on TECRA 700
DT. As soon as I run X-Windows the screen hums with a high pitch noise,
the problem continues even if I come out of X-Windows.

Here are couple of scenarios I tried...


                        chipset:        chipset:
                        ct65545         ct65550
                        (WORKS ?)       (WORKS ?)
3.03    3.03            YES             SKINNY SCREEN
3.03    4.0             HUMS            YES
3.03    4.1             HUMS            YES
4.1     4.1             HUMS            YES

XF86Config file for 700DT looks like:
BAndwidth 25.2
HoriSunc  25-64
VertRefresh 40-70
ModeLine  28.3 800 824 896 1024 600 601 603 625

Intrestingly, problem reverses if I change above ModeLine to..
ModeLine  36   800 824 896 1024 600 601 603 625

Now, when I first come up with Linux & then load X-Windows, there seems
to be no problem but when I quit X-Windows I could here same humming

Response is very much appreciated.



1. RedHat 8.0: Intellimouse, X-Server problems

Hello.  After spending years complainining about MS, I finally decided
to take the plunge and transition to Linux.  However, I'm having a

I have a Dell system with 2 hard drives.  WinXP is on my "C" (aka hda)
and Red Hat 8.0 is on my "D" (aka hdb).  The problem is that my
Microsoft Intellimouse does not work in Linux.  

Sometimes the mouse does work fine.  Other times I flat out can't boot
Linux and I get a text-based error saying, 'Cannot start X-Server'
(even this text-error looks garbled).  USUALLY what happens is I can
load into the Linux GUI (Gnome), but the mouse cursor is always jumpy
and stuck to the stop edge of the screen.

I read an old message on usenet that said something like, "Go to
XF86Config and change the Protocol line to read Intellimouse"  Would
this solve my problem?  I'm going to try it once I figure out how to
use the text-editors with just a keyboard (I managed to open that
file, but it was in read-only mode).

Some info: this is Red Hat 8.0 straight out of the box.  My graphics
card is a NVidia Geforce 4 generic.  The mouse is PS2 (which is what I
told Linux during the install).  Also, I did the GUI install and the
mouse worked fine.  The mouse works fine in WinXp.  I boot using Grub
to choose my OS'es.

Any help appreciated.  I had fun with this OS for the brief time it
was working and look forward to spending more time with it!  

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