Looking for rclock source code

Looking for rclock source code

Post by Ulf Griesma » Mon, 03 Apr 1995 05:00:00

Hello All,

a simple but memory saving clock named 'rclock' used to be distributed
with earlier versions of the rxvt terminal emulator (the documentation
coming with rxvt still refers to it). Does anyone still have the source
code of the the program? I would like to compile it for X11R6.

Looking forward to hearing from someone,

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1. rclock: Looking for source


rclock used to be distributed with the old, old
Slackware versions.  I still have an old binary
from the days of 0.99-1.0 kernels..

Can anyone mail or point me at the source ?


Russell E. Dube, Raytheon Electronic Systems
Software Engineering Lab, Marlboro, MA 01752

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