Any good 3D cad packages 4 linux/x?

Any good 3D cad packages 4 linux/x?

Post by Art Bla » Tue, 24 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Are there any good 3D CAD packages (pro-engineerish) available
cheap/free for Linux & Xfree86 ?
Does anyone know anything about BRLCAD?

Any good 3D cad packages 4 linux/x?

Post by Sven Cronenber » Tue, 24 Oct 1995 04:00:00


I have tried BRl CAD.
BRD CAD is a very complex cad and raytracing
system, developed and still improved by the US
Armee. Seams to be quit good. But, there are
some problems:

a) BRL CAD is not GNU freeware. You have to sign
a licnece agreement  and mail it to the BRL, and
after some mounths , you get a letter with a
pasword, which enable you to decrypt the files
You can get the file from in
pub/linux/apps/graphics/raytracing/brlcad I
think. Or from and many other

b) BRL CAD has as far a I have seen no working
and good graphical frontend is provided. YOu
have to do most things using a script language
and the keyboard.

c) BRL CAD is very large, >> 10MB. And if you do
not get the binary version, difficult to

d) The BRL CAD file format is neither compatible
to AUTO CAD nor to RENDERMAN, and I have not
found any converting utility to solve that
problem , yet.

Sven Cronenberg


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I'm having trouble finding CAD packages for Linux that are usable.
Most of them have user interfaces that range from bizarre to
attrocious and some go downhill from there...
I've used Chief Architect for Windows, and nothing I've seen or used
on Linux comes even close to CA's level of usability and intuition.

I have a couple of applications:

-architectural:  house plan, garage, workshop, ...
  Need:  plan view, elevations, 3D perspective views, roof (??),
export to other formats (Chief Architect, ...).  Export to 3D format
(VRML, POV, ...) for better  renderings.  Multiple layers, ...

-3D part designs:
  CSG primitives, extrusions, holes,
  Export to other formats (other CAD packages, POV, VRML, ...)
  Export for CNC milling

I'm fine with using two different CAD packages to solve these
problems, but I'd love to do it in Linux instead of Windows.

rpseguin AT yahoo DOT com

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