xfree server for #9 reality 332 s3d virge chip

xfree server for #9 reality 332 s3d virge chip

Post by Lester Johns » Wed, 28 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I am looking at the lastest DELL offerings with this new #9 s3d-Virge
chip for the video card.  Does anyone know how this will work with the
latest s3  x-free server?  Thanks


1. Number 9 Reality 332 S3-VIRGE!

Hello all, I just once again reinstalled linux on my machine, being without
it for almost a year.  I upgraded my vid card to the Reality 332
S3-VIRGE(#9) Card and was wondering if anyone has gotten this puppy to work
in X.  And if you have, please tell me what server i should be using and
what video board to choose in the setup.  I have read that the S3-Trio 764
will do it.  Is there any truth to this.  Please respond via EMAIL ASAP as
I want to get back into X and outta Win95..:)  


Mike Taylor

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