Left Edge of a window remains on screen after window closes

Left Edge of a window remains on screen after window closes

Post by Mark A. Bial » Fri, 26 Apr 1996 04:00:00


Slight problem here. When I start X, everything looks fine. BUT, for example,
when I left click and select a window (shell, clock, doesn't matter), the left
edge/border of the menu I opened stays on the desktop after the window closes.
Anyone see this beofre? Thanks much!



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1. kde doubble click in left upper corner to close window

installed kde 3.1.1 on redhat 8.0

basically i have one problem.
double clicking on the icon in the upper left corner does not close the
window, instead it just pulls the menu down on the first click.

looked around in the control center, but all seems as it should, the double
click option under peripherals->mouse is on.

any hints?

also another question
from what mozilla-version is konqueror made?
tabbed-browsing is good, i begin to like konqueror webbrowser more and more.
but still missing type ahead.


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