problems with the chooser on xdm

problems with the chooser on xdm

Post by Rod Campbel » Fri, 07 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I've got xdm setup and the chooser running, and everything runs pretty
well.  I've got xdm setup to run on my personal machine, and I initiate
X with X -indirect ishmael (ishmael is the name of my machine).  The
chooser appears, with my machine and the other machines on my network
(all are running Linux 2.0.x).  I can connect to any of these,
including  my own without problems.  The problem I am having, however,
is getting back to the chooser after logging out of an xdmcp session.  I
always stays at the login screen of the machine I was just connected
to.  Any suggestions?



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I have a few linux boxes each running xdm (with no XServers entries), and
I'm running a local xdm on another system for actual display.

Unfortunately I can't connect to the other servers on the lan, even with
-broadcast (I also tried -indirect and -query, explicitely in XServers) on
the local system. Any reason why the 'chooser' isn't coming up instead of
a local login prompt?

- lv

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