can't open xconsole

can't open xconsole

Post by Ken Gaugl » Wed, 28 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Hello folks.

I am having a strange problem trying to have an xconsole window
working under my own login.  I use a .xsession file to set up
certain windows and apps I like to have available when I log in.

Seems that because I have this .xsession file in there, I cannot
get an xconsole window to work.  The window comes up, but in the
window is the message "Couldn't open console".  If I remove the
.xsession file, the xconsole comes up fine.  Here is the important
stuff from the .xsession file:

export DISPLAY
xconsole -g 490x200-20-50 &

Has anyone else encountered and solved this problem?  A kind reader of
this group suggested I might need to define and export the DISPLAY
variable in my .bashrc, which I plan to try ASAP.  Any other ideas
out there?


Ken Gaugler  Hybrid Networks, Inc.  Cupertino, Calif.

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1. xconsole 'Couldn't open console'


 I hope somebody can give me a pointer to a how to or something for xconsole.
 Trying to start xconsole I invariably get the message ? Couldn't open console
 ?. This happens also when I try to start it as root (/dev/console is rw for
 root only). The DISPLAY variable is set to ':0.0', and all error/printf
 messagesd from my programs appear on the console, as I can see when switching
 back with ctrl+alt+F1.

 What is it that I haven't understood here ?
 Thanks for your tips .


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