Config info needed: STB Horizon 64 (PCI)

Config info needed: STB Horizon 64 (PCI)

Post by Naji M. Khudai » Wed, 12 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I just got ahold of a new system which has one of these cards in it.  Does
anyone have any XConfig information for it?  I believe its an STB Horizon
64 and its in a PCI slot.  Can anyone send me the config info for this card?
Much thanks in advance.



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I temporarily inherited a Pentium system with an STB Horizon 64 PCI
video card (at least, that is what the Windows 95 Hardware Profile

I want to get Linux and XFree86 working on this system, but I'm having
problems getting the XFree86 SVGA server working with the video card.

Does anybody have any experience with this video card and XFree86 and
have any pointers about configuration?


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