Hercules stingray X server

Hercules stingray X server

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I just found a Hercules stingray X server at ftp.hercules.com/stingray.
I am just loading it down and therefore dont know whether it

Thomas Lemm


1. Searching for XF86-SVGA server for ARK-Logic Chipset (Hercules Stingray PRO)

Does anyone know where to get X-Windows support for a Hercules Stingray  
PRO PCI Graphic Card with ARK Logic Chipset (despite of the Hercules FTP  
Server at ftp.hercules.com which works awfully slow so my FTP-Client  
alway times out) ???? Help !!!! I=B4m lost !!!!

If anyone in the U.S. has retrieved the file XF86_SVGA.gz from  
ftp.hercules.com:/Stingray please Email it as an attachment to

thank you very much

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