X Window and the Cirrus Logic GD5465

X Window and the Cirrus Logic GD5465

Post by X » Sat, 27 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hallo. :)

Would like to make an enquiry if anyone has managed to install the
following video card correctly in X Window? Am experiencing a little
difficulty with it as the whole computer hangs whenever I try to resize
a window or close Netscape. :)

Any ideas/suggestions will be much appreciated. :)

Thanks. :)

the little cat.


1. Cirrus Logic CL-GD5465 AGP

The thread that was discussing this chip seems to have vanished,
so I'll start a new one....

Someone suggested using these lines in XF86Config:

  Option "xaa_no_color_exp"
  Option "no_pixmap_cache"
  Option "sw_cursor"

I think the poster had either the IBM or the H-P system with the
5465 built-in on the motherboard, and only 2 MB of graphics RAM.

I have a no-name 5465 add-in card (I mean REALLY no-name:  there's
no brand name anywhere to be found), with 4 MB of Rambus RAM on it.

I'm running X on this card right now, without the
"no_pixmap_cache" option.

The "sw_cursor" and "xaa_no_color_exp" options are both absolutely
essential, however.  Without those I get random, total lockups
during bitblts (drag operations, scrolling, text fills).

I'm also using the "fast_dram" option, which sets the Rambus RAM
running at 300 MHz (600 MB/sec).  For some reason the driver does
"med_dram" if you don't tell it otherwise.  The higher speed gives
more elbow room for drawing around the CRT controller.

The tiny manual says the chip has a 230 MHz RAMDAC.  I'm running
at 1152x864 with 64K colors (15-bit) at 75 Hz (110 MHz dot clock),
with no artifacts.

With a 115 Mhz dot clock and 15-bit color. I start getting
artifacts on the screen during drag operations.  However, with
only 8-bit color I can run a 1600x1200 mode at 66 Hz (160 MHz dot
clock) with no problems, other than things being hard to see on my
17" screen.

No complaints about rendering speed, pretty much instantaneous.

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