XDM isn't being helpful.. AccelX 4.1; Matrox Myst 220 4meg

XDM isn't being helpful.. AccelX 4.1; Matrox Myst 220 4meg

Post by Paul 'Tok' Kie » Mon, 01 Dec 1997 04:00:00

        I'm not sure whether its the hardware, or rather, i'm pretty sure
it isn't the hardware, as startx works like a charm, but xdm refuses to
load X at bootup in initmode 4 (slack), or from the terminal when i start
xdm. I installed AcceleratedX in place of XFree, changed the initlevel to
4, and rebooted. Now w, as soon as i get bored of telepathically willing
xdm to do anything i go to vt6 and init 3 to get the system back and worry
about xdm for another day.. Any ideas on how to fix this?

        Replies via email are much appreciated, as i tend to lose track of
usenet, but anything will be very much appreciated :)

%[ . T . h . e . T . r . a . g . i . c . a . l . l . y . H . i . p . ]%.


XDM isn't being helpful.. AccelX 4.1; Matrox Myst 220 4meg

Post by Patrick Giagnocav » Mon, 01 Dec 1997 04:00:00

The solution here is to email Xi Graphics with your serial number, place
of purchase, and /etc/Xaccel.ini file.


Xi Graphics  - Accelerated X Servers
Technical Support Department


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I currently have AccelX v4.1 running on kernel 2.0.33 using the SlackWare
v3.4 distribution. I'm using the latest stable version of KDE as my windows

I changed my /etc/inittab to default to an init level of 4 and when I reboot
my system, it attempted to start xdm. But it just stops there saying
"Starting up the X Window System V.11 R.6..." on the console (which is what
rc.4 echos before it runs xdm).

Right now I can start AccelX/KDE via "startx" after I edited .xinitrc and
added "startkde" so I know the xserver works. But I think I'm probably
missing some configuration files that I was suppose to edit/setup during the
installation of AccelX and KDE.

The error log of xdm shows nothing so...

Anyone have any ideas on how to get xdm working right? Thanks in advance!


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