rxvt: Can't open a pseudo teletype

rxvt: Can't open a pseudo teletype

Post by Russell Tennan » Tue, 05 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I need some help; I think I screwed up my /dev/files.  I was trying to
change the permissions on a file
using a wildcard and made a typo. I changed all the files' permissions
in /dev. I now get this error
message when trying to run rxvt.                  rxvt: Can't open a
pseudo teletype
I assume this refers to the /dev/ttyp* files. How can I fix this?

BTW xterm works fine. What's the difference in how they work in this

Thanks Much in advance,



1. rxvt - can't open pseudo teletype

I am using tinyX (SVGA version) using Xfree86-2.0.  I am running SLS 1.0.3
with major updates -- using libc 4.4.4 and 0.99pl14 kernel.

This is my problem:

Whenever I run rxvt a third time (one time run by xinit, second by hand),
I get:

rxvt: Cannot open pseudo teletype
rxvt: Quitting

First thought:  Permissions problem.
ls -l /dev/tty? gave me:

crw--w--w-   1 hburch   sysadmin   4,   0 Dec 10 17:08 tty0
crw--w--w-   1 hburch   sysadmin   4,   1 Dec 10 17:49 tty1
crw--w--w-   1 hburch   sysadmin   4,   2 Dec 10 17:47 tty2
crw--w--w-   1 root     root       4,   3 Dec 10 17:49 tty3
crw--w--w-   1 root     tty        4,   4 Dec  8 12:17 tty4
crw--w--w-   1 hburch   sysadmin   4,   5 Dec  4 01:50 tty5
crw--w--w-   1 root     tty        4,   6 Dec 10 17:34 tty6
crw--w--w-   1 root     tty        4,   7 Dec 10 07:24 tty7
crw--w--w-   1 root     tty        4,   8 Dec 10 17:45 tty8

hburch is the account that I am running Xwindows under.  It would appear
that tty2 has the same rights as the rest.  Since rxvt DOES work as many
times as I please (until my swap memory fills, at least), I still
hold to my hypothesis that it is a permission problem.  

Has anyone seen a similar problem and/or knows what my problem is?

Since rxvt works as root, I don't think it's a hardware problem, but here
the stats are:

Santron Computer
Intel 80486DX/33
5meg RAM (that's _why_ tinyX), 5meg swap file.
Trident 1024k card
Logitech serieal mouse

-  Hal J. Burch
   University of Missouri - Rolla
   Mathematics Major

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