kdm will not start

kdm will not start

Post by Andy Hepbur » Tue, 27 Apr 1999 04:00:00

If you are using the XFree86 S3 server (i.e. your video card uses the S3
chipset), then the chances are you are using an older version of the
KDE-1.1 RPMs.

If you upgrade to:

(or presumably the equivalent .tgz distribution) it should solve it (it
did for me.)

BIG thankyou to Alexander Filep (see his note below) for solving this


> I am running Red Hat 5.2 with KDE 1.1 installed.  The system boots into
> X mode with kdm as the login gui.  kdm comes up fine when the system
> boots.  However, when I log out, kdm does not come up, the screen blanks
> out and the system freezes.  None of the keys work.  My only option is
> to crash the system.  I see nothing in /var/log/messages that indicates
> a problem of any kind.

> My inittab files reads as follows:

> x:5:respawn:/usr/bin/env KDEDIR=/opt/kde /opt/kde/bin/kdm -nodaemon

> I was operating in this manner with KDE 1.0 with no problems.  Does
> anybody know what is going wrong?

> Thank you,

> Josef Sikora

> > I've got the same problem.  It seems to be kdm that's causing the
> > problem - when I use xdm in runlevel 5 I can log in and out of KDE no
> > problem.
> > I'm using RedHat 5.2, kernel 2.0.36 and KDE 1.1.

> > I had no problems with KDE 1.0 either...

> > Andy Hepburn.

> > > I am having the exact same trouble.  Running the "out of the box"
> > > version of RedHat 5.2 with KDE 1.1.  I don't have any trouble until I
> > > modify /etc/initab from runlevel 3 to 5.  Then the system hangs up big
> > > time when the logout screen appears.  The only thing I can do is hit the
> > > reset switch. I have been searching the news groups since February
> > > looking for an answer to this  problem.

> > > Rick Lucent

> > > > > Hi,

> > > > > I am unable to logout of KDE if I select runlevel 5. As soon as I choose
> > > > > "logout" from the panel the system freezes and I am left with no other
> > > > > option but to hit the reset switch. I had no problems with 1.0. Has
> > > > > anyone else experienced this? Any workarounds? Thanks.

> > > > I know you're looking for more than this, but it works fine here. Here's
> > > > my setup in case your wondering.  I've got RH5.2, kernel is 2.2.5 and kde
> > > > 1.1  Everything seems to be running just fine and graphical logon is
> > > > working fine.

> > > > Sorry I can't help much more than to confirm that it does work.

> > > > Rick

> You are probably using the S3 X server, aren't you? This problem was resolved in
> a recent update to the 1.1 RPMs. Download and install the latest and you'll be
> ok. It works fine for me now.

> Alexander


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