X config with p9000 server

X config with p9000 server

Post by Lin Yun Wah Kev » Fri, 02 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have an old STAR2000 VLB display adapter which I used for my Linux
box.  It has the Weitek P9000 chipset on board with 2M VRAM.  I am having
trouble in starting up the accel xserver using tht XF86_9000.  I go thru
the whole XF86Config, either with Diamond Viper or Orchid P9000, all I
could get after starting X is a blank screen.  No Signal from my VGA card
to the monitor(I can read that from the indicator on my monitor).  But I
can still hear the speaker beep at the background.  Everytime I have
Ctrl+alt+del to restart the machine to make everything visible again.

I checked the XF86free.org site already and it did specify those P9000
clones are supprted(STAR2000) via the P9000 server.  So, any clues what
is the cause for the problem?  

Thank in advance for any help.


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I have a Diamond Viper VLB and I have gotten it to work at many different
resolutions, but I want to be able to switch between them using
<Ctrl><Alt> +|-

When the P9000 server first came out in XF86 3.1, some people were saying
that it wasn't capable of instantaneous resolution switching.  Does
anyone know if it can do this and have it set up?  I am using 3.1 (not
3.1.1).  Have any major improvements been made to the P9000 in the new

I try to specify more that one dot clock, then start up the X Server.  The
server starts up just fine with the first specified mode, but I can't
switch to any of the other modes.  It prints error messages on the
console saying that the dimensions of the following modes do not match
those of the first valid mode.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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