In KDE, cut & paste loses line-feeds?

In KDE, cut & paste loses line-feeds?

Post by Jonathan G. Campbel » Wed, 19 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I'm using KDE; when cutting and pasting, line-feeds disappear from the
pasted text.

It happens on both RH 6.2 and Mandrake 7.0 distributions.

Any suggestions?


Jon C.

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Hello -

Be easy on me, I'm new to this. I'm a old windows users who is not a
tech weanie.  I love my linux SUSE 7.2 and use this box a lot now, but
it has some quirks I'd like to clear up.  Maybe y'all can help?


I figured out how to switch my default web browser (sort of file
association) to Netscape over the default Mozilla, but now when I click
on a link using Kmail, a box appears and it downloads a file, then
netscape starts up on a blank page (my default opening page).  What did
I do wrong?

When I copy and attempt to paste something from Kmail to say Netscape,
it doesn't have anything in the cut and paste buffer.  Is there
something I'm doing wrong in my setup to allow this?

My Soundblaster live is supported and seems to work fairly well.  But
when I attempt to go some programs I loaded like CDRoast or the KwinTV,
I get a hour glass briefly, then nothing.  What is going on?  If program
are there, how come they are not loading?

Also, I can't seem to find where the dang firewall program is, although
I selected it to be installed when I installed my Linux.

My Sandisk memory card reader works in windows, but it says on boot:
oops..well, crap, I can't seem to paste from the xconsole and it cleared
the screen on CTRL C, but it say something about the device not
communicating properly (bear with me).  I checked the mfg. site and they
say it is supposed to work with Linux.

My HP710 printer works, but it uses a fairly generic driver from SUSE /
KDE Linux and the text quality sucks leaving big ink blotches.  I
replace the cartrige and it doesn't do that in windows - it works
beautifully in windows.  I'll try to download a new driver from HP if a
newbie can accomplish that ok.  any advice here appreciated.

Also, my netscape mail reader program has setting I have set that is
supposed to keep mail that is only 30 days old, yet my NG's on netscape
have thousands of messages dating back to my first use of the NG's.
I've marked teh NG's "READ", but I still have the headers for the
messages.  The actual msgs are gone, but it would be nice to clear the

Thanks for help in advance - and I hope I can understand the answers!



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