Dead keys in Linux/XFree86 3.2

Dead keys in Linux/XFree86 3.2

Post by Niels Kristian Bech Jense » Thu, 20 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Are there anybody who has got 'dead keys' to work under XFree86 3.2? I can
get anything but 'dead keys' and 'compose' to work. I'd very much like to
know how to set these things up.

Thanks in Advance,


"Chemists never die --- they just run out of reactants!"


1. Async on AIX 3.2 on 220 DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!!!

Dead, as in braindead.  I have applied several pathces that came from IBM
defect support to fix various cu and uucp problems and slip problems.  Now,
guess what happens - every other way of accessing tty's is dead.  Including
gettys's and ate.  The specific PIF# was U402532 - did that patch break
anyone else's ate???  Please tell me.... I can't get my slip line up because
that patch seems to have broke my ATE access to my RS6K at work - due to
another bug in slattach (the one that causes multiple slip interfaces to
RANDOMLY attach to a tty assigned for slip - otherwise known as, it picks
a slip interface randomly and if it is the wrong one, the mahcine just
discards all pakcets).  Basically, I get a modem carrier (via audio) and
then it just dies andhangs up the phone.  CU also does the same thing with
a "rec'd carrier lost" or "dead" or something like that.  I am only now able
to get on to post news via my ancient Sun 3/60.  The only reliable machine
I have ever owned.  Myabe I'll just buy a Sparc...IBM, are you listening...
I think not.  YES - THIS IS A FLAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SLIP dies after 12 to 24 hours....depending upon how much data you send
Async dies after 5 minutes at high bps
Pathces kill things that worked before....You know the story.

Please, someone, help me.  This is getting crazy.  My SE is probably being
driven insane by my 1:00AM calls on Sundays or Saturdays (not that I'd spare
him to fix my problem...but I wan't it fixed!!!!)

Is there anyone from IBM here on the net??????  That can help?????

Has anyone on this group signed off on IBM and gone to Sun?  I would like to
hear from you.  Maybe then I can convince my management that that is what
we should do as well.  It may not be a bad idea.  (As my Sun 3/60 is the
only reliable machine I've got at home now.  Or at work, for that matter!)

-Nathan Lane
Trico Title Company, Santa Barbar, CA

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