Problems with Netscape RX plug-in

Problems with Netscape RX plug-in

Post by Mats Petersso » Wed, 15 Oct 1997 04:00:00


I use XFree86 3.3.1 and Linux 2.0.30, and I have installed the
X remote activation plug-in for Netscape
(I have version 3.01) and tried to execute some X programs on
various sites, among them
Unfortunately, it doesn't work as it should. The connection seems
to close down shortly after starting an RX script. As I have a
dial-up connection with dynamic allocation of the IP address, I
made a shell script to set the DISPLAY environment variable on,
every login, based on the output from ifconfig.
Moreover, I have run "xhost +" to allow other hosts to connect
to my X server. I can't find out any more things to do at the
moment. Does anyone have any clue to why it won't work?
Have I done the wrong things? Something I've missed?

Please reply to my e-mail address and not to the group.

Best Regards,
Mats Petersson

|  Mats Petersson   Norrkoping, Sweden        |


|  Mats Petersson   Norrkoping, Sweden        |



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